Any organization can use Quotegine

Who can use Quotegine?  If you clicked on this page are reading this sentence, then the answer would be you. So head to the features page!  Still not convinced?  Let us give you a little bit more.  Almost every organization produces quotes in one form or another.  Think about how many quotes you have produced over the past year.  Whether you are an individual shooting wedding photos or a full on web design company producing multiple quotes a day.  Think about how much time this takes you.  Think about how much it costs you each and every time you print that quote off for your customers.  Now that we have exhausted you, you should want to at least take a peek at a system that takes the pain out of quoting.  Need More?

We designed Quotegine to be powerful, flexible and customizable to adapt to any organization –  and that means you.  Most organizations have the same problems when creating proposals. They take too long to create, it’s hard to reuse pieces, versions conflict, they look boring and unprofessional, etc. Quotegine addresses all of these issues with an easy to use web-based interface.

Below are a few sample industries that Quotegine is perfect for:

  • Creative agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Service-based providers
  • Freelancers
  • Contractors