Proposal Editor


Online Proposal Editor

One feature our customers tell us they love time and time again is the ease and simplicity of creating their proposal online. While traditional proposal systems feature clumsy and cumbersome operating systems, Quotegine features a fluid system based on an online proposal system with an editor that anyone could operate. The editor is the heart of our baby and it beats with near flawless perfection. Check out some of the features that are available:

Drag and Drop

We designed the Quotegine interface with ease of use in mind. Many of our tools are drag and drop, which makes creating proposals incredibly quick and easy. Check out some of the amazing features that are yours to access in the Quotegine system.

Content Blocks

Many pages are re-usable in proposals. Beyond that, snippets of pages are often re-usable. We created our editor so rather than working with entire pages at a time, users can work in smaller content blocks that are easy moved around the page at will.