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Online Proposal Collaboration is a Team Effort

There is no “I” in team. Cheesy, yes, but this saying will always remain true. We know that quote creation is often a team effort. This includes sales reps generating the quote, sales managers overseeing the process, and team collaborators who just chime in with small assistance here and there when needed. Quotegine was designed to encourage online proposal collaboration but is smart enough to limit it at the discretion of the sales rep.

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Our online proposal collaboration area gives each quote its own message forum area for assigned proposal collaborators to chat. Typically when you work to create a quote, it takes time to get the necessary input from everyone involved in the project. You have to schedule meetings, synchronize schedules, review the pieces, and then go back to assemble all of that collaboration into a quote. Good luck with that. That’s why online proposal collaboration is an integral part of Quotegine. We knew you would want a way to invite key team members to weigh in on your quote, provide direction, and even make edits (should you choose to let them). We also knew you would want to do this while sitting at your desk munching on your lunch burrito vs. scheduling that all important quoting meeting in the conference room. True, at some point this meeting may be needed, but imaging taking 90% of the pre-work out of the game.

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