Time Management When Creating a Project Proposal




project proposalThere simply is not enough time in the day for everything that we’d like to accomplish. It’s easy to put your project proposals aside and simply conclude that you’ll get to them later. However, when later finally does come around, you realize that you didn’t budget enough time to spend on the project proposal as you may have liked. It’s easy to assume that since you have created countless sales documents that you can create one incredibly quick, but it’s important to consider each client as you create a project proposal for them.

Before determining when you will complete the project proposal and how long it will take you to finish, consider the following:

It’s important to research the company. In addition to any meetings you have done with the potential client, do a quick Google search for them. What is the personality on their website? Are there any key aspects of the company that you should know and talk about within your project proposal?

Understand the individuals you will be working with. Recognizing the personality, goals and standards of the potential client’s company is important. It’s also a good idea to understand each individual that will be working with you on this project. Their input could potentially determine if you get the client or not. Taking a little extra time to adapt the project proposal to those individuals could make a huge difference.

Do you have any competition? It’s okay to ask potential clients if they are getting quotes from other companies within your industry. Sometimes potential clients will even tell you who you are competing against. If they don’t, it’s still important to understand that you’re likely not the only person giving them a quote. Take a little time to research potential competition and briefly explain in your project proposal why your services are more valuable.

Editing may take longer than you think. Proofreading is essential. If your proposal includes several sections, it can be a time-consuming process to read through all of it. Additionally, if you employ a second person to look over the project proposal – that extends the time needed to proofread. Always account for the time it will take to edit. If your potential client finds a simple grammar or spelling error, it could cost you the job.

Make sure you have enough time to do everything. Making a project proposal can be tedious, but it’s an essential part of business. Don’t wait until the last minute. Quotegine can quicken the process with our easy layouts and user-friendly system. Try us free for 14 days!

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