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Search Quotes by Name

search by quote

One of the top, most requested Quotegine features, the Search Quotes by Name integration will allow the busiest Quotegine users to breathe a sigh of relief.  This feature will allow you to search within the Name of your proposal (the column listed at far left on the dashboard).  When you search, you will also notice that it narrows down results under Drafts, Delivered, Accepted, and Archived as well.  Clicking across those buttons will allow you to see results in each of those categories.

Duplicate Existing Quote

duplicate proposal

Previously in Quotegine, if you wanted to duplicate a proposal that had already been Accepted, you had to Unpublish the proposal, save it to the Library, and make a copy of it from that Library template.  Now, duplicate any proposal can be done with the click of a button from the Dashboard.  To do so, simply click the Duplicate button.  When the lightbox appears, enter the name of your New Proposal, the Company Name, and click the Duplicate Proposal button.  It’s that simple!

API – Coming soon!

We are about half way through development of the Quotegine API. Version 1.0 will contain mostly read access, but will allow us to start integrations with a variety of third party services you may use today.  We expect to be testing out API by the end of April and will push it live once we believe it is fully functional and stable.  For now, you can see an API key


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