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project proposal creationAt Quotegine, we understand that technology is constantly changing. In turn, our customers’ needs are also always changing. We’re working to stay up with your business proposal needs, and we appreciate the constant feedback our users send our way. Our system recently got some updates, and we are working to implement others. Here’s what has gone live thus far:

  • Our team has updated the core application of Quotegine with JQuery. This is something that was requested by many of our users and we’re pleased to say the update is now live and will bring future improvements for the overall performance of our system.
  • Another request has been a find and replace feature. This feature is now live in our content editor.
  • Spell check as you type has also been added to the content editor. Users will notice that the spellcheck button has been removed from our content editor. Now, rather than clicking the button to double check the spelling throughout your proposals, it will automatically detect misspellings. Simply right click the word and correct spelling suggestions will be given.

Are there other updates that you’d like to be added? Submit a request.

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