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quote managementThe holidays are in full gear. As your mind rushes to think of the gift giving, final dinner preparations and getting together with loved ones – you still must find time to concentrate on your company’s quote management. Unfortunately, business doesn’t take much time off for the holidays. And as much as we love our work, quote management can often be a daunting challenge and it’s not exactly something we want to worry about during the festivities.

Quotegine’s quote management makes the process easier than ever. Everything you need to create and send proposals is available right in our system. We worked to create a program that is practical and easy to understand. In business, there never seems to be enough time. Constructing effective proposals can be an extensive process, especially if you are constantly starting them from scratch. At Quotegine, we understand that saving time is imperative to run an effective business, which is why we’ve created a quote management system that includes tons of time-saving features.

Say, for instance, you need to cut and paste loads of information from other sources into your sales proposal. Attempting to do that in a Word document can result in varying text and unorganized sections. Within Quotegine, however, formatting will remain consistent throughout your sales proposal. Additionally, inserting a new section for each topic of discussion makes creation easier and allows your potential client to easily browse the sales proposal.

Another example of our time-saving measures comes with our library feature. Within our quote management system, users can easily create proposals then save the entire proposal to be reused. If you don’t plan to reuse the entire proposal, but have included important information that may be helpful for future projects – you can simply select the section you’d like to add to the library. Our library feature can store entire proposals, sections of proposals, pricing tables and pictures.

Quotegine will remove the stress of proposal creation, save you time and money. Try us free for 14 days!

From all of us at Quotegine, we hope that you have a happy and safe holiday season! And even though business is always busy, let the holidays give you a break and some time with loved ones!

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