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sales proposalThe holidays are in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you have any less work to accomplish. Though our minds are concentrating on a variety of things – present buying, decorating, family gatherings – performing daily tasks at the office must continue. Sometimes, we must get inventive and find time-saving methods to keep us from getting overwhelmed. Quotegine is a great proposal management tool that business owners can utilize to save time, money and stress.

When constructing sales proposals on a daily basis, it’s easy for our desks to get cluttered and organized. Our proposal management can stop this dysfunction and ensure that you and your coworkers are all on the same page. The dashboard in our proposal management holds everything required to work on your sales proposals. Users can edit proposals, archive them, send them to clients and collaborate with team members. The collaboration feature makes working on proposals with coworkers easier than ever. Users can give team members permission to edit the sales proposal and discuss details all within the dashboard of our proposal management system. No more losing notes from your latest meeting; all conversations can be attached directly to that specific proposal.

A great advantage to utilizing Quotegine’s proposal management is our analytics. After proposals are sent to potential clients, Quotegine users can view how many views the proposal has gotten. Additionally, users can see what time the proposal was first viewed, when the most recent view occurred, how many sections were clicked and more. E-Signatures allow Quotegine users to see when the proposal has been approved.

We are constantly making improvements on our proposal management system to adapt to the needs of our users. We understand that technologies are always changing. Quotegine strives to create a user-friendly system that can be utilized by a variety of industries. Try us free for 14 days and see how we can help you create a more organized, impressive sales proposal.

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