Making a Sales Proposal; Things to Understand About Clients




sales proposal creationWhen constructing a sales proposal, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers, prospective project and the generic business side of things. But, neglecting to think of every aspect of your potential project could cost you valuable clients. We’ve talked about it time and time again – when constructing an effective sales proposal, business managers must fully consider the potential clients’ wants and needs. However, this consideration needs to go a step further than the wording and structure of your sales proposal. The way that project managers communicate with clients is a crucial aspect of business.

As you are going through the sales proposal process, you should view potential clients as more than prospective revenue. Clients are people, too. And if you land the project and things are successful, this sales proposal could be the basis for a long-term professional relationship.

Some things to consider:

Clients are just as busy as you are

After sending a sales proposal, it’s easy to get antsy waiting for a reply. Quotegine can make this a bit easier with our analytics feature. This allows you to see how many views your sales proposal has gotten, the number of section clicks, the time the proposal was delivered and more. Even if you’ve seen that your potential client has opened and viewed your sales proposal, give them a bit more time to review it. They may need others to see the proposal as well. And, making decisions can take time. Follow ups are important, but you shouldn’t rush clients into making a decision. They likely have a lot of other things going on.

Their inbox is probably full

As most of us have learned, emails can easily get hidden under the piles of spam that we all get every day. If it’s been a few days since you’ve sent your sales proposal, and you see that no one has viewed it yet – pick up the phone, stop by their office or try other means of communication. Show potential clients that you are more than an email address. Don’t be overbearing, though. When it’s time to follow up with a potential client, always be personable. Telephone and in-person conversations often make bigger impacts than emails.

They appreciate manners

No matter how busy you get, saying please and thank you is a must. Being cordial is essential if you want to work with these people. It’s important to take a break in our busy schedules and really reflect on what matters.  Even if you don’t get the potential project, thank them for reading over your sales proposal and considering your company for the job.

They’re scoping out your competition

There’s no reason to hide the facts. Anyone looking to spend a decent sum of money will get second and third opinions. It’s very unlikely that you are the only company the client is talking to. Feel free to address this with your potential client. Explain to them how you can better complete the project, give them insight on successes you have that others may lack and express that you are committed to the success of their project.

Win or lose your next sales proposal – professional connections can add value to your organization. And the way you treat people will greatly reflect the work that your company does. Try Quotegine to create a seamless sales proposal and nab your next business deal.

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