About Quotegine


Quotegine Company Overview

What do you do with a combined experience of 57 years in web design, custom programming, IT implementation and management, sales and marketing?  You take it, put all of that experience in a blender, and work to produce Quotegine.

The beautiful part about the Quotegine team is that we are not just a bunch of programmers sitting in a room banging out code.  Rather we are a team that brings a lot of perspective and real work experience to the table.  We get how fast business moves out there, and we also see the frustrations that can exist in the sales process.

One of the biggest hindrances each of us felt in our business has been the quoting process.  While at times we have almost come to blows over how and when to quote, we decided not to beat the snot out of each other, but rather work to create a quoting system that worked for us.


Paul ChambersPaul Chambers – Co-Founder, CEO
A born entrepreneur, Paul started his first company at the age of 14 with a $10,000 loan from his grandfather. Now almost 20 years later Paul has started and operated many different organizations. Paul met his business partner at 16 (Ryan Deyer), and started Core3 Solutions a now 16 year old Web, Marketing, and IT firm. Paul is a Graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Telecommunications. Crain’s Detroit Business selected Paul as a recipient of the 20 in Their 20s award in 2009.


Curtis HaysCurtis Hays – Co-Founder, COO
For the past 20 years Curtis has worked in Information Technology for various organisations supporting business units including sales, service, and operations. In 2004 he joined Paul and Ryan at Core3 Solutions and had been running IT & Operations until 2014. He now manages his own WordPress consulting firm. Curtis attended the University of Illinois where he studied Aviation, Engineering, Business and Psychology. His knowledge in technology solutions expands from small-medium business to fortune companies.


Our Vision

The child of our labor is Quotegine.  It is a system born out of passion and necessity for what we knew had to be done.  We, like you, needed a system that could create beautiful quotes with ease.  We each run at a busy pace, so we knew a system was needed that allowed us to collaborate on the fly, along with tracking exactly what the customer was doing when they received our quote.  That is why we created Quotegine.

We hope you take a minute to look over our product.  Once you start using it, drop us a line and tell us how Quotegine is working for you.